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The grease ball bearing experiment!

So the winter month are up on us! In So cal it means there is gonna be alot of rain coming out of clear blue sky, and weeks-month of non stop rain  Crying or Very sad . And as we all know water + bearings = dead puppi...bearings.

So I decided to see if useing water resistant lube designed for bicycles will help me save my bearings, as well as some acetone from having to clean them once a month. The plan is to ride the Swiss 6 Balls untill they start to cease or untill rain season is over! (so next year right before summer  Rolling Eyes )

Some pics of the cleaned bearings and them being greased up!

Grease being used

Bearigns Greased

Bearings assembled!

My baby!

For the next 4-5 month only things that will be cleaned are the board and the trucks. Im not planning to open the bearings till end of rain season unless they fail. Depending which will happen first I will update the thread!

P.S the bearings are old so its not a loss and worth the sacrafice in name of SCIENCE! And my laziness!

P.S.S After a quick ride they roll as well as when lubed with speed cream ^.^ or feel just as fast.  When spinning of the ground they dont spin as long though....
Ian the Groove Worshipper

This is a great thread.  I've thought about trying this for awhile.   I'm looking forward to seeing how it works out.

Awesome! Looking forward to this one as well. That's a lot of lube

JeffVyain wrote:
Awesome! Looking forward to this one as well. That's a lot of lube

After some thought I dont think I needed that much lube but considering I dont want to open up the bearings for a long time I hope it helps out!  But Im no the first one to try water proofing bearings as PavedDave has tried another type of bicycle grease wich prevented his bearings from rusting.

I did something similar to this with some "flip" branded bearings that came with some used wheels, and red car bearing grease.

I've ridden them in the pouring WA rain and put them away wet without as much as a wipe off.  Today they still spin fine after months... they're in some rain wheels that aren't all that fun to ride on dry road so I haven't spent a lot of time on them, but I imagine they'd only get faster as they spun out any excess grease.  During a session bearings that are greased with something thick like that tend to loosen up nicely as they heat up, which is nice.

Overall it will be interesting to hear the results of what you tried considering you started with some higher quality bearings than mine and are going to be riding them more.  Good luck!  Be sure to seal up any dings or scratches on that deck before you let it get wet, I'm always afraid my pulse will warp on me.

What type of sealant do you guys use on your boards? Miami rain is horrible and eventually I would like to set up a rain board Smile

I used some wax-based chain lube on one set of bearings.  They're really gummy if you skate short distances, but when you're rolling for more than 15 min or so, it seems like the friction within the bearings melts and liquifies the wax a little, so they roll faster.
armchair spaceman

For a bike grease look out for Buzzy's Slick Honey, it's the best bearing grease I've ever used. Light but very persistent and slicker than toddler snot.

Belemrys wrote:
What type of sealant do you guys use on your boards? Miami rain is horrible and eventually I would like to set up a rain board Smile

If you meant to ask what kind of sealant you use on the board itself, I recommend either Rustoleum crystal clear enamel, or Krylon spray polyurethane.  Any time you see a scratch or nick that exposes wood, just hit the spot with a little spray and you're good to go.

For bearings I haven't tried it but white lithium grease is supposed to be good.

White Lithium grease is actualy doesnt protect against water....anyway had some rain this week, rode it through several deep puddles all bearings spin freely.

I set up a dedicated rain board with old bearings.  I bought Lusas Wheel Bearing grease, thanks to this thread:
I packed my bearings like in the thread.  These bearings are vxb and never rolled that great.  I rode them in the rain (with the grease) and the rain actually made the bearing spin faster (probably applied too much grease initially).   For riding in dry areas, I prefer Bones Speed Cream.  But for rainy days, the lucas grease looks like it will do the job.
Any updates on your bearings soviet911?

Back in the day, my Pops gave us the idea to grease them with lithium grease. Holly crap, talk about loosey goosey. It was sick. It was back in the nineties, on our double kicktails. I can't imagine doing it on my long boards. I'm thinking I want to do it.

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