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Video and Photo submissions
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PUSHA! 2016 - Milano, 2nd edition
PUSHA! Skateboarding Marathon, 1st Edition 2015
Film shoot with the RED Epic, Quadcopter, and GoPros
My Low Rides "Distance Pusher" For Now...
Bakaboards parking lot pump
Surfy LDP (no wiggling)
LDP Ile de Ré
[video] Two longdistance trip in France
Pumping for kids
2nd gen LDP
A little LDP fun...
the Loneliness of the Long-Distance Pumper
LDP, sidewalk-surfing style
Paris summer cruise
Some video of this years Chief Ladiga Silver Comet race
New Jon Hopkins clip
Spotted a GBomb in Brighton....
Pumping and paddling the roe triton in Santa Barbara
eFly spinning for 10 minutes :)
Car Park Shenanigans
Worst Gbombing videos ever
WestSSUP adventures in SF.
A bit of skating in the UK - Video
aqua-test of 83mm pink Centraxes ))
and another
Another one!!
New vid, Check this out!!
30+ mile Street SUP Ciclavia to the Sea 4/21/13
Dr.Jalopeno workshop :)
Long Distance Pushing in Paris on march 31 2013 downhills!
Greetings from Italy!
ldp in thailand
Shadowy Men.. Rockin old school!
Pumping on San Gabriel River Trail
Odecca 1980
Pumping Bakaboards prototype + pics
Longboard Loft update
board hoard
pushing 4fun in the Neatherlands, Denmark, Euskadi, Germany
"Help My QuIver"? Why not?
G|Bomb Dark Matter
New LDP deck
Monkey Movie, part deux
Messing with a GoPro
Skateboarding with Linkin Park
Months of Pulse tweaking finally finished
Hand-built bike
Take a Skate on the Wild Side...
new board
I need photos of skate commuting for a presentation.
Toorkey Club Part Deux!
first few days p[umping
Bakaboard ldp VII
Turkey Club!
Lpd winter nights in italy
1977 Catalina Classic Skateboard Race...
Beautiful and AWESOME Teahupoo vid!!!
Truck geometry guide (beta)
Video Camera Trailer - GoPro
Pumping with the Masked Bandit [Raw video]
LDP Germany
LDP & Liebeskuchen
A short LDP video from Dorney Lake.
Multiple Exposure Pumping
how to get from point A to B
Post-Modern Gesmerianism...
We passed a photographer last weekend
Broadway Bomb Video from Underneath my Pumper
Pumping up a slalom course
How to Set up an LDP, and Clean Bearings enough to Survive
Video from the Bath-to-Bristol charity skate
LDP Photos from Draycote Water - England - Midlands
Bearings maintenance for maximum speed
Skateboard Pump
2 miles, 7 mins! Mile 1: 3:20 ish New World Record?
New downhill vid (not LDP)
First LDP run video
Draycote Water Skate Video
LDP on the Gold Coast
My local LDP run
The one and ONLY "JayBoy" wedding and B-day Party
"Onda Board" Vid Implies Jeff V won on this thing?
SK8KINGS slalom skateboards
CodePink Pump
Push Culture News Videos
Random Subsonic Shop Photos
one-footed pumping
Pulse Pumping - Wicked shadow
Some school yard pumping
Please tell me what i'm doing wrong? New video in Rio
Some Gbomb bombing
I almost ate pavement for breakfast this morning.
Concker: Slalom action and uphill pumping
Skateboarder Mag and Skateboard history
Youtube classics (old and gold skatey stuff)
New video, pumping better
Sort of Stylin The Subsonic Pulse
pumping setup tutorial
Here is my video with my subsonic pulse 40!!!!
Little stroll on a lush bike path
Seattle Ultraskate Video
First LDP at San Diego Mission Beach
how to video
Quiver moneyshots
Ukulele Video entry.
Fat Daddy bliss!
Night Ride through Indianapolis
200m, 6%, section of Flamming skate, germany
Help a longboarder win a VIDEO CONEST! PLEASE!
Patience is a virtue
Havana via Longbaord
LongTreksOnSkateDecks Pure y Bolivia
Indianapolis LDPers (all 3 of us)
Quiver Pics
I would like to coin a phrase...
Chris Yandall in Prospect Park NYC.. POD riding..
LDP Day 2 (LBL Proto)
my boy at the dragonfly jam
incline technique
Cathlamet Downhill Corral
Oceanway footage (southern points)
Cardiff Velodrome Wales UK - new Pulse
Pumping a cul-de-sac
Mermaid Virage vs British Slalom Hybrid course!
Old news bit with James
Luvin my "refurbished" Pulse v1!
G|Bomb 28 Inch Deck Under Test
G|Bomb Cambiar/Binding Info
My New Pulse V2.0
They make us proud!
Shlalom board
Son's New Slalom Board- Lowland 30
Snowman LDP Style
Easton to Oxford (Maryland) Route Photos
LDP Tampa Bay 1
My New Pulse V2.0
The Gbomb Effect (Towing)
Subsonic Pulse mutation
My First LDP-- Roggs Mistress!
Slow Motion Slalom Skateboarding
Ultraskate V in New Zealand - Filmed/Edited: Rob Thomson
Mermaid Pr0n
Happy Sundays (PG-13)
The London Freewheel, 21 Septemper 08, Photos ;-) you tube videos
Dorney Lake UK (Pumping)
Houston's 4 minutes of bliss
Solstice Parade "Go Skateboarding Naked Day"
Riding smooth asfalt around Arraial do cabo (RJ - Brazil)
Article featuring Longboard Commuting (Woo Hooo!!!)
ok, not ldp, but crazy turny originals on a 42" vanguar
1. cruising trip 2008
Pump Sequences
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