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My first pump board
Should I get a Pulse or LDP38?
Another reloaded vanguard setup *need some help*
old Landyachtz Drop Carve as LDP?
GBomb Freewill blem boards $49
Never Summer Heist?
LDP38 Vs Roe Triton?
What platform decks are there in the market?
G-Bomb Platforms - Freewill vs 26" Bamboo vs Predestina
Redrill a Skateboard
Bossa G-Bomb Platform
Lush longboards for LDP?
Reshaping a board?
Euro pump decks
G-BOMB: top mounting the super fork and bending brackets
Rayne Savage
Inverted Rear Poppy on a chopped Century
Budget Funbox/Churchill Deck For $50??? Will this work?
Carver C7 - Wheelbase Options
budget deck possibility (?)
Speed decks with agressive concave
Illuminati flex ranges
modified Bhangras into LDP deck
How about Vicious on a Pulse40?
illuminati 28 setup fro pumping
Birth of a pumper : Zwind II
G-Bomb decks: differences
LDP Pusher or Pumper/pusher?
Giant slalom boards...or SWB topmount speedboards
Gbomb Freewill vs illuminati for long skate trek
Noswell Mamao, any news/reviews on this deck?
Xtension Pumper, any news/reviews on this deck?
Texalium on the Pulse 40
Bustin Cigar 31?
Good board vs Not-so-good board
Any impressions on the Bustin Cigar 38?
Dissent Decks
Effortless Pump Setup Needed - UltraSkate
What's your favourite LDP board?
Anyone on the Drang?
Retro Vintage
Century Vs. G-Bomb Deep Drop Deck Heights
OUCH! My dreams....
Illuminati brackets
Roe Racing: differences between Mermaid and Triton?
Help on deciding first board
GBomb Compromise
Prototype board for Gbom bracket
Evo Project
Jord's Boards open for business!
AMWood Custom and Clutch Daywalker ramblings
I need suggestions
Pumper and a pusher
Mass produced LDP board
Seven suns Space rocket
GBomb Proton VS Illuminati
getting my first LDP board
Torsional stiffness, or lack thereof
Candy Spanks Super Chili
Alternative design
Chris Yandall attacks a G-Bomb
Virage trucks Octane sports
Mounting truck in the kick?
just a new deck I'm working on
question about this deck (Update! New Setup is in!)
G|Bomb Illuminati or Dark Matter?
Pulse or Mermaid?
New Roe Triton arrives w/blems...Happy update!
Do you think it would be worth it...
RoeRacing Triton!
What deck is this?
Best SKOGGING/LDP boards!!!
New Bakaboards LDPvII
Suggestions for an LDP board <$100 and flexy for 110 lbs
stryke force titan -- anyone tried it?
calculating for wheel bite??????????????
Variflex Ramp Rat - ressurrected my first skateboard
No LDP decks in SA:
Girl, longboard around the world, what deck?
landy allstar
Sector 9 Carbon Decline?
subsonic pulse 40 vs. g-bomb illuminati on pumpability
Loose truck baseplate: Expanded mounting holes?
altenatives to grip tape for ldp
Chopped Bhangra vs Chopped Superglider
Chopped Superglider
speed vs direction stability
LDP/City pumping board
New to LDP
Front of board is getting weaker, need advise a bracket.
Five Mile F-4 Phantom for pumping?
Geco surfer
Century 38 confusion
my set up (help please)
Should I G-Cycle My Century 38 V1
UHMW tape and wheel bite
Windpig's "G-Cycle Guide"
Split It!
Reduce-Reuse-G|Cycle! - Custom G|Bomb Builds
Looking for classic board
Has anyone tried an Incline Mullet?
Century V3 (shorter than the V1 & V2)
sold everything, starting fresh...and short
Century modification
Heel stop, as opposed to a toe stop, for the tail of a board
New board
Pulse to Walkabout
Veiga Longboards?
need advice "veiga"
truck / gbomb bracket under bent nose-spacer between screws?
FIBRETEC /Tanker /104cm
Prototype LDP/LDK board
LDP board flex and weight -- how much room for personal pref
Acetone accident and my Pulse =(
Sublime Longboards - new aussie shaper
Buying LDP Need elp Deciding
Popsicle Stick Board
Sk8kings Blaster vs Roe vs Subsonic
NEW YORK CITY: I need help
The Board Showroom
Subsonic Illuminati
Loaded FatTail - Mini Review and first impressions.
Second board, first pumper
New to LDP and need deck advice!!!
flat rockered deck for ldp?
Bakaboard Split Decision...
My craziest pump setup : Mini + 90mm !
Anyone have a Sk8Kings Blaster?
Does it matter if my front is higher than my back ?
Anybody pump regular & switch? And need a special FootSt
Original Pintail 46'' Which pump Setup ?
Roe Mermaid (light Flex)
Migration from LDP to Slalom?
Aluminum bracket V2
(Help) Deciding on a board.
Dregs "Uptown Push" pusher
Switching ends on an Earthwing Belly Carver
Deck Noises
what board
new Lush Vandella looks promising
chop shape
Jet boards
Can't decide on color
The goof is here :)
Drang w-cave blank.
Pulse 40 LDP setup but can't figure out risers & bushing
s9 ala moana for LDP
A newcomer humbly requests advice...
Mermaid or... Pulse or... Walkabout
Carbon Fiber LDP Kicktail Hybrid (my 2nd build)
ALL you wanted to know about epoxy and fiberglass
New board from Calus skateboards
This pintail is good fpr ldp ?
N00b to LDP
Newbie looking for board setup help
Bees Knees
GBomb Contact Info - bounce back email issue.
Opinion on a custom
A tip of the hat on the LDP shape!
Mini "LDP"deck for travelling -suggestions?max23.6
subsonic centery 38
Good pumping set up for a big guy?
What's best setup for slight uphill commuting
Roe mermaid right flex
is this board good for pumping?
Winter setup for confind spaces
Just got my Walkabout, have few dilemmas with setting it up.
Gravity Spoon nose as a pumper?
LDP setup for kids?
Converting an old board?
dropped through grom race
good cheapo ldp deck?
lighter foam-core LDP board?
How do you have your gbomb illuminati setup?
Chris Yandall Pro, short/mid length pumper/ goof-off board?
Wheelbase Difference?
Subsonic board has arrived :-) Total Quality!!!! GET ONE!!!
I have a Galac and GBomb, thinking about a
Torn between LBL Walkabout and mermaid
Question about the Mermaid
The Whale II
Old Bozi Longboard
LBL Walk About
landyachtz wedge flex
Drilling holes in a mermaid to add flex, anyone do it?
Pulse - satisfaction guaranteed
landy chinook or spud as midrange push/pumper?
Mermaid Flex.
Whats the most reliable and long lasting LDP deck?
Difference in Flex Between Mermaid And Pulse?
The pulse on the Pulse
Galac Deck thickness???
LDP deck on the cheap?
Mermaid Flex advice
Reckon this deck is suitable??
Mermaid and pulse flex charts contradiction??
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