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Crash and Burn
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Is my board about to break and will it break my neck?
Helmet advice
Nylon Nutz : forget it
Road rash
Hovding invisible bike helmet
Broken King Pin pics
I love cyclists
Padded Beanie???
Done with low KP clearance trucks
Helmet - LDP
Popped my kingpin cherry this morning.
My wrist guard broke my elbow
a pumping setup is not a downhill setup
People scared of skateboard.
snow is bad
How do you spell Chip Seal?
King pin nut came off!
What are you using for shoulder protection?
Beware of the morning zebra!
Dangerous croswalk on my skating path
38 years old... sprain knee/MCL riding a bowl... gah!
Broken INDeeSZ kingpin
Broken Bennett kingpin
Tracker RTS pivot cup help
Trashed a key
Watch out for Gumballs
Indeesz broken kingpin, how do u get it out ?
What does your board do when you fall while pumping/pushing?
Ball of foot pain starting
The first time in ages that I DIDN'T pad up...
First my foot, now my knee :-( Help!
Beware the dark patches under trees
Lucky me, I only ate grass
first broken kingpin - grade 8
PERFECT Helmet!?!?
Protection for sliding
Wheel Bite is no fun
I hate starbucks
T shirts
Helmet Question
Post injury LDP
Knee pads?? what are you using
Shoulda had a helmet on...
lids are goot
New walkabout
DIY gloves
Bad 7-day span
Long time no pump.
Melting tarmac
White Khiros for 185lbs guy: no-no!?
Finnally snapped a KP
Broken Virage :(
ate it on the flats w/ tighter trucks
trucks that buck....
Safety First!!!
wrist guards & slide gloves vs. broken bones
thanks pavedwave
Broken Kingpin and Axle
The long and twisted path
May be a dumb question...
iphone gps
Lost screw, bushing AND washer. Is it possible???
Helmet topic - EPS or not and bald head sizing issue
Season over - Pulled muscle
Long Distance Paddling
first 17km, setup advice and girlfriend 1st board advice
Kudos for the Ridgid cordless driver
Helmet with lights
Cant figure out this noise ><
strange question i know!
Pivot cups
In need of stoke for healing...
Foot pains
Watch the River Eat My Favorite Trail!!!
first blood!
Unexpected blockages
It's not working....
Rainy century
avoiding unnecessary risks?
Fekkin Dags (and their owners)
Broke a grade 8 today :(
...with 17mph crosswise
knee strain
Liquidambar styraciflua
Wipe Out
EW Superglider Pumping?
Run out speed wobbles and almost got burned.
on a related note to the double down pads -- ACORNS SUCK!!!
nice minimal pads - pro-tec double down
Rollerblade street wrist guards
Riding conditions....
Bennett KP Breaks Again
Foot pain
Broken Kingpin and Cracked Helmet (repost!!)
Wheel Bite
top end technique
Front Side/Back Side... I am so confused?
Rocky Road - a.k.a. "LDP: The EXTREME sport" :-D
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