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Your local runs and adventures
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Endomondo "Fastest Skater In My Town" Challenges?
great place to LDP in Phoenix or Scottsdale?
A little Korean LDP
In or around London?
ENDOMONDO CHALLENGES: The results for 2014
Added Wind Power to My Pump Session
LDP-Rio - Brazil - My testimonial!
20 Miles New Orleans City Park to Lakefront (Video)
Bike Trail Lake Costanz - bodensee-radweg
LDP Montreal?
Iceland Skate Trek - World on Board
Brooksville/Orlando Distance skate on Saturday May 10th
Endomondo 10 km ride
ENDOMONDO CHALLENGES: 21.1k The Half Marathon
LDP Allowed on Monterey Bay Costal Bike Path in CA?
Malaysia Skate Trek
Best places to LDP in Quezon City, Philippines
Glenwood Canyon
Grooving in Colorado Springs
Fläming LDP-Flatlandcamp
Hello World!
Playa del Rey California pump
Pumping the “Vélodyssée”
Training for Adrenalina in Irvine, CA
Longboarding across Europe!
From Hamburg to Glückstadt
Pinellas County Florida Trail
Doberman pinscher does not like my skateboard
My First Pumps
first skate of the year
Back in the saddle.
First run on the old Runway
Some places to practice LDP in Italy
FINALLY a little success trying to pump
Running errands.
Near disaster!
40 days and 40 nights, skating amdo and kham tibet
1. Deutscher Rollbrett Marathon
My Adrenalina Adventure 2012
I finally got it!
JAWS Oct. 9 &10 (longboarding of diff kind)
Endomondo CHALLENGES!!!
New PB and a great day
Endomondo Profiles
First big (ish) LDP session
Down the Rhône 100 km summer 2012
Hi there from the D
From LDP N00b to riding with a legend in 48 hours.
Flaeming Skate Arena
skate to the glacier
Awesome run today. PUMPING! Finally!
Ste Victoire LDP - Pump in Povence
Anyone in Winchester, Andover, Salisbury, Hampshire UK?
DALLAS !!!!!!!!
Hello, pavedwave!
Goin' to MaryHill!! (pics)
Best workout apps?
Alki Beach side walk warning ramp/rumble strip
Making my day
Pumping in Circles [and some cool pics]
Skateboard - Joring
New sidewalk ramps w/ "detectable warning surfaces"
Assabet River Rail Trail, Marlborough / Hudson MA
Delaware Training Ride
Walkabout and Subsonic GT
eastern pump in ultra-catholic country !
I was doing it
henderson nevada lake mead
Hawaii...Chill trails and dope scenery?
Spring Fever!
Gbomb illuminati
Just learning (I did it re edit)
First steps on my ldp board
Assistance Needed
Questions about riding
c7 truck, waiting for bakaboard
Noteworthy Skatey Things of 2011?
Raising eyebrows in a retirement community
Pumpers rule!
Pumped up my first real hill today.
nearly 10 miles on my cruiser
Store run, pumping on the cruiser...
Bringing Pumping to Chicago
For the New Yorkers: Brewster -> Tarrytown: 33miles
All-Year Summer here in Singapore with plenty of bike paths
First Ride on the Illuminati
head-on collison
deippe to paris
Finding trails to skate on.
LDP peeps in Warsaw/Winona Lake, IN Area?
Dorney Lake (getting there)
A medium distance pumper, wanting to LDP
LDP in Kelowna
Setting a new world record for LDP
Spotted Skating by Someone – Lovely Email
Tuesday nights in LA
Tennis court
First ride of the New Year ;-)
Branson MO - Table Rock Lake - Dewey Short Visitor Center
Ldp in Denmark.
Drunk ldp...
Paris LDP
LDP in Cincinnati Area?
Pre-skate checklist
Sharing the path with aggresive cyclists...
Minneapolis to St. Paul - Sunday Sept 12
Sammamish trail, pumping switch
Dunchurch to Hillmorton (Rugby) Route
Mourderous Basterds!!!
London Skyride
Almost went for a swim with my board at Green Lake
Sammamish river trail, REdmond WA
Cedar River Trail - Renton, WA
Southsea into Portsmouth UK
bad days and big feet
Teasing out the secrets of the Illuminati
Just skated to work...
Broke my LDP cherry!
passing cyclists
WTF is that fat old guy doing on that skateboard
Drunken' Pumpin' Fury!
moonlight ride
don't ya hate it when...
The right setup and the right road and I think I got it :-D
flatland skating
Singapore stoke (and a noob's new groove)
Impromtu 50 miler
Stanley Park Vancouver, BC
hi everybody!
Some more G|Bomb fun...
LDP in socal
Just to say HI!
Arroyo bike trail
bare foot Ted runs marathon
Oceanway pt II- new PB!
Refound my ZEN...
A bad day of pumping is better than a good day at the office
New LDP'er Findings Write Up
Skate Migrate Against Cat Hate
Sure signs you're spending too much time on pavedwave forums
If I had a few billion of the stimulus $
Surreal commute
Greenlake resolutions
West Coast Vacation
I joined on stoke alone!
First ride
First time skating to work today
marymor open lot
Wow! I didnt realize how far I've been going...
Overnight LDP with a big backpack.........?
An impromptu 100+ miles...
Scott Moore of Subsonic acl injury
Radar Love
The Oceanway (Gold Coast, Australia)
James and STP
Just getting started
vacant building skate
This is Awesome!
The Burke-Gilman Trail: Complete Walkthrough
Best trail evar?!?
pumping styles dependent on speed?
I can't believe this works!
First LDP Sesh! 2º Weather
Pumped to Work
Riverlake Greenway
Winter Skating in the NW
pumping to work
Houston Velodrome
I went on two long walkabout's today.
Luecadia, old delmar train station , bikini's and the heat?
Animal Chin through the Gauntlet of 10000 cone bike trails
The Hills are alive, but I'll use my Dervish next time
Kids Say the Darndest Things
I found my old friend of LDSB
Mad Props Hanael!!!
How fast am I?
Dedication to slalom in Quebec! Moving snow to slalom?
world longboard map
GPS tracking blog
I did 45 miles on monday.
cyber slalom
burke gilman trail - Seattle, WA
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