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Long boarding to snowboard transition issues
Who died and made me king?
Wet Pavement?
LDP with Landyacthz Bamboo Pinner- a question or two
pumping theory vs rollers ?
How to Pump in a "surfy" way (and stop wiggling)
Help me figure out if LDP is for me
Am I doing this right?
Brain Freeze pain while pumping/pushing?
What about pump only LDP...or NPA...No Pushing Allowed?
Find someone to ride with
Oldschool Counterstrike Bunnyhopping
What's the opposite of pumping?
Laps Around The Church Parking Lot
What am I missing?
Do you know what annoys me?
Are different trucks better suited to different techniques?
Comments on my video appreciated
Stretching during ride
Shoes for LDP?
Rythmic Pumping
What works for me
Trying topmount again, thoughts...
wearing two different shoes?
Calories burned while LDP
Flat feet?
Basic maintenance and expected life of components
Argh, wheelbite.
First time succesfully pumping
Pumping VS Pushing - for long distance
Rear Leg Soreness?
wore me out...
Subsonic Century: Alternating regular/mongo push
Switching from Carver C7 to Bennett 5.0
Accelerating pump
Pushing Vs. Pumping
again a question of LDP speed
Stitch when pumping?
Learning to Pump - Improving Technique (videos inside!)
Learning to pump - Not quite getting it.
Wheelbase impact on pumping ???
Chi Walking/Running/Pushing/Pumping
'Wiggling' and 'loping'
Think I've Got It!
Finally..... I can PUMP !!!
Seems like I am doing something wrong with my setup
why were a 4 and 5 yr old allowed to race 26miles in Miami
Help with footbraking?
Professor Robskey - Longboarding 101 at PCC!
Switch pumping
Feet Ache
pumping a stiffy
Leaning too far, pumping with body weight
Snail Hill
Loosen up!
Bouncing Pump?
Cross-Stepping and LDP
So does anyone really barefoot long distance?
VIDEO What can I do better?
How wide is your stance?
Seattle noob!
Tims Techniques
Newbie technique help
How to achieve outright speed, besides DH :-)
When space is limited and want to practice?
Slowing down or dumping speed?
Pumping into the wind
bsolute newbie to LDP
Tried Everything, Can't get Motion. Have suggested setup
Pumping advice
Uphill pumping
Different techniques & setup help
Another new guy story
What am I doing wrong?
Getting my hip out of the way
Pumping - I think I'm not using my rear leg...
Wheels lifting
dialing in and efficent pumps...newb questions
Doing it wrong?!
Lifting my wheels???
How do you downhill with a LDP board ?
Riding on wet pavement
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