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The Ultraskate
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Dutch Ultraskate -- July 1st 2017
Miami Ultraskate 2017
Dutch Ultraskate 2016 - June 25th and 26th
Dutch Ultraskate June 20th 2015 - NOW!!
Miami Ultraskate - Feb 12-13, 2015!!
Ruapuna Ultraskate, South Island, New Zealand
Awesome Ultraskate Venue???
Alex Bangnoi's tales -- Miami Ultraskate 2014!
Andy Andras Ultraskate 261.8 mile World Record
UltraSkate Tactics?
UltraSkate in august in Liverpool
Team Mate needed for ultraskate Miami
First .5 Ultra January 12
Now with Relay teams - Miami Ultraskate Jan 2013
Pac NW Ultraskate for 2012?
Holland Ultraskate 3/4 September 2011
2011 Eugene Oregon ULTRAskate 17 - October 1st
Summer Solstice Ultraskate 13
Brady Lane sets the bar for the Australian Ultraskate!
Conan Isaac Gay - 220-mile 1st Gravity Ultraskate
Early Ultraskater? - Eleftherios Argiropoulos
Ultraskate - Gravity / Non-gravity ?
Ultraskate locations - Paris
Romain Bessiere - Ultraskater from France
Bits dropping off and other ramblings...
Ultraskate 12 - Holland, Australia, US, and UK
What are your Ultraskate shoes of choice?
Ultraskate 11 - Friday June 25th
24 hour skate for Haiti.
April Fools Ultraskate Number 9
Ultrask8 - HALLOWEINER - Friday October 30th 2009
Ultraskate VII - June 21st--22nd Summer Solstice
Ultraskate Challenge: "The List"
Ultraskate VI - Time to Chill
Ultraskate V - October 2008 - Skatefurther & Pavedwave
ultraskate SD, solo run
The Ultraskate Experience
Pavedwave / Skatefurther / Boardfree 24-hour Ultraskate IV
24-hour Ultraskate May 3 (Coming from Houston - Info Please)
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