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Cross-Training, Health, and Nutrition
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Using Dumbells/Weights While Pumping
Ankle pain thoughts...
Whats the best stretch for a pain near heel of push off foot
Chief ladiga and food intake
achilles tendon
Neck Pain
Compression tights?
Home made energy bars, drinks and snacks
Training for an event...
Sciatica etc
Upper body workouts?
Common injuries in LDP?
Bowen therapy for Ultra Triathlon training
Good lord does LDP burn off the weight
Long Slow Distance
Quantify the caloric burn
balance boards, slacklines, etc
Gone running lately?
Complex carbs, BCAAs, and Electrolytes
OC Paddling
Zen Surfer (seattletimes story)
Born to Run, age-old wisdom vs. engineering
Bad Back
doing nothing
Lesson Learned, Skate More, Run Less
Six-pack abs...worth it?
10 Best Foods for Your Heart
snowboarding in the off season
Rob Thomson - Treadmill Skateboarding Physical Test!!
100 mile weeks?
Barefoot Ted Barefoot running
The 24-Hour Ultraskate Prep
The 9 week plan for a faster stronger me.
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