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Setups - completes, components, and everything else
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How can i make this set up PUMP better ( See Board pics )
What to do... what to do?
Sharing my board and perhaps you have some tips to share?
advice on equiping a DT for pumping
Low speed pumper?
Isla Brackets
New skater, new board
Loaded Bhangra pump setup
Help me with my new mini cruiser setup!
pumping set-up on pig/pool deck?
LDP or pump and carve
three wheels
Improve Landyachtz Drop Carve 40" Pumpability
Urban Myths and skate companies
fast board for flat pushing with some hills?
Manufacturer Issues
"Pulling" to one side issue
Pumping board or push/pump... and which one?
Complete LDP setup
Drop through pump n push setup
New Build Check
Another Bennett spherical bearing build
What's better than a Bossa GBomb?
Gbomb Bracket Setup - What angles?
Khiro wedge riser pieces kit now sold individually!
Looking for some tips for my first setup!
Holesome Street Sweeper Pumping Machine
Hello from Singapore
New (old) guy saying "Hi" and posting setup
Gbomb board angle with super fork & deep drop bracket
Very new to LDP need all the help I can get
Looking to get into longboarding
another: commute which board setup
Need help with build
Best set-up with what I have
Maximize pushing distance and speed: Duro vs Size vs Weight
How could I improve an Atom dropdeck board for LDP?
Convert Loaded Poke or 2nd board?
Learning to pump on an off the shelf board
Pumping Setup.
All rounder
Speedometer... prob distance tracker
total skateboarding noob looking looking for advice about...
How Will I Know?
Tweaking first board
Inverted rear truck
Bossa LDP38
Board tune up
Looking to pickup a Gbomb, thoughts on the pump/push?
Cheap bolts and parts from Chinese websites like aliexpress?
Gbomb or RoeRacing Triton
Looking for some help picking/making my first ever board
Wheelbase Question
Which component would be most cost effective to change?
Finally nailed my set-up after a year and a half
Setting up first LDP board looking for advice
Need help with ldp
optimizing a travel pumper :3
Replacing the stolen quiver with one complete
Just ordered a Mermaid Complete!
Trying to build a hybrid, slalom/pool/pump board
The Science of Speed Wobble
bolts damaging the deck?
Building my first LDP, one piece at a time....
ripple ridge commuter
Do untrimmed Road Captains and RTS 105 work together?
lbl walkabout with bennett 5.0 & randall 125
How important is a board for LDP?
How to improve pumping on a Loaded Poke with CX4 trucks?
Gbomb purchase advice
Setup review and aid to new ldp'er
Any advice for a new LDPer?
Help with a setup for garage blastin and tighter pumpin
LDP Setups for kids?
Newcomer, setup, and some questions
GBomb brackets and deck flex
3 1/2" long risers
New skater needs help setting up Roe Mermaid
LDP with Carver CX.4 front truck
Niru's new walkabout!
Summertime is coming and I need some help
Bennett alternatives?
Beginners LDP/cruiser choices...
Triton or Pulse, Poppy's or 2X's?
loaded fattail setup for newbie
Board, wheels and bearing suggestions.
Back bearings wearing out faster
Pulse with Road Captains Bennett Tweaking Results
only pumping - recommended board height?
LDP blog in Brazil. Blog sobre LDP para brasileiros! LDP-RIO
best wheels for beginner
RoeRacing Triton vs Sk8kings AXE III
Best LDP deck and Best LDP Setup
How so I tune a board for top SPEEEEED?
Bride of Frankenbomb
Hello From The Bayou
Please advise in refining my first setup
House deck.
Rayne Timeline, cRonins, abec11 reflex wheels.
GBomb Illuminati Set up question
Skip Frye newbie setup
Newbie Mini Cruiser Setup Question
Fine-tuning my board for pumping longer distances.
Set-up: To chop the Rayne Supreme or not? NOT!
Found a use for wheel trimmings
landyachtz all star
G|Bomb Illuminati with Poppys, 90mm Flys
Setup for pumping with twisting the body
Newbie LDP board that also has a surf feel/trainer - UK
Newbie looking for a push/pump "long" distance
Remind insoles?
Dialing in a ride for a 180 lbs skinny mofo..
Bushings and riserpads for LDP longboard
Rayne Bamboo Riser Impressions
Help for a newbie
Koastal set up
Ripple Ridge - Request for advice
Newbie help with an Illuminati-
New LDP Pintail
Just put this together...
recommended gbomb brackets
First LDP Board Setup - Help
Wedging and dewedging help
First LDP setup, opinions/improvements?
Help me set up my deck for ldp Please :)
Best way to remove grip tape?
Grind rails on a G|Bomb
Land paddles ?
Subsonic Killroy
Finally pumping nice, how to go faster? Setup for critics.
G-Form pads, comfort, and dexterity?
Orange Khiros and Bennets possible issue
Which Backpack for LDP?
Advice on pump board for my kids
Pump station
New Season, some paradigm shifts!
Fiiiinally Gbombing
Sk8Kings Blaster Wedging
First Pumping Rig
The less beaten pumping path
slalom-ish setup
noob, rate my setup pls
Best setup for a lazy pumping board!???
New Pumper In Need of Setup Critics!
Kingpin with a built in bushing washer?
Experiment: Front vs Rear - Truck widths and wheel sizes.
getting my pulse soon
Suggest an upgrade!
Looking to get started, limited options...
Decisions, Decisions....
Tinkering Fail
Century 36 Truck set up
Yet another commuter setup - Your opinion?
What would be an optimal setup for pumping uphill?
So Cal Pumpers!
Help me with my first pumping setup!
best portable workbench for modding and setups
G|Bomb 35mm vs 10mm Ride Report
Century 36 - 205 lbs setup [pushing and learning ldp]
New tutorial vid for noobies
Top-Tune my little Short-DP board. :)
Rayne Timeline wheelbite problem (yes, I did use the search)
New to LDP, need suggestions and advice on my setup
LDP Board vs Rollerblade Efficiency
Atticus finally gets his groove on.
Chance to buy a z-flex, should I?
A little advice
My new Hybrid Complete by Edwin aka Wizzy - Bakaboards
My Setup - what do you think?
Wheel Shields
Why isn't LDP more popular?
Seismic spring in uk
Advice on trucks for noob
A few Q's about Gbomb brackets and boards
Need guidance from the experts
Kahuna Bombara
Pushers 101
What can I do to make my board more pumpy
derringer 28 setup?
(G|Bomb) Dark Matter Monkey!
Slightly loose or tight wheels?
Quest for a fun light old school thrash type pumper!
CR's Quest For Speed!
First LDP board, under $250 total
Preventing bearings becoming stuck to 8mm axles?
Should I get a shorter board?
DIY wedges. How to make your own...
Different Size Trucks? No Way! ...Right???
The effects of footstop placement
I'm ready to buy, just want some advice...
Aircraft bolt - any "grade" markings?
board setup
New to LDP. Best setup for G&S Fibreflex Pintail. LEARN
Please MTV/Pavedwave, pimp my ride(s)
DEATHmobile (finished and HILARIOUS)
Looooooobing the kingpin for smoother transitions?
Help this newbie with his new Gravity Carve 46
Monsta Carver
SDP setup advice, please
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