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Officer Craig Hanaumi, Bellevue's skateboarding cop
Apparently carrying packages to the post office is illegal!
California law AB-604: Electrically motorized boards.
What about Vienna, Austria?
Meanwhile in Canada
Boarding Legality for AZ
US ADA Access Board seeks public comment on shared use paths
Interesting Californa regulation that may affect LDP
Ocean City Maryland
American River Parkway in Sacramento, CA. :(
I think I got a "Get out of Jail Free" card today!
Asheville NC makes progress with city council and needs help
Longboarding ban lifted in Saskatoon
Skateboarding trial period on Mountain View CA. trails
NYPD - best experience in my life!
parking garages?
Tacoma Washington putting it to a vote!! June 14th 2011
British Skating Laws
Bicycles and Skateboards now illegal in the streets of York
Feds Deem Pedestrians, Cyclists and Motorists Equals
Confiscation. When is it legal?
Support for NO texting while driving in WA State
Not sure which is worse, Indianapolis or this.
Legality in Indianapolis, Indiana
Calgary bans skateboard *possession* at school
Apologies if this has been posted before...Nike Ad
Skateboard is a vehicle, not a toy.
Skateboarder discrimination. Keep a camera handy!
Don't Talk To Cops!!
Vehicle & Driver Aggressive Driving Report Form (WA)
Chris Yandall arrested skateboarding - San Diego
Skateboard? Pay up in Lake Forest Park...
Washington State - landowners liability limitation
Seattle versus Portland skateboarding law
Longboarder assaulted on public road by Jeep
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