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Andy Andras Ultraskate and Endurance Inspiration
Adrian Oh - World on Board
"Lives on Board" now a FREE PDF from Jack Smith
The Long Push to Ibiza - May 2015
In Memory of Chris Yandall
Marco Heinen
AVAcs, you will be missed!
max willis skate treks
MrJim on Longboard, Around Nederland
Bessiere Romain - Vancouver-San Francisco, 1 500 km
Longboarding from Wisco to Cali over 2000 miles
Jason Yerke
Jack Smith - 1976 - Skate Across America
Jeff Vyain, the $10,000 Man! Write-up & interview on PW
Pushing for Peace
Orsum Jogle - Skating across the UK for Gogo Trust
MrJim On Longboard - Around Íland & Gotland
Congratulations Paul and Rachael!!
HAMMER TIME - MCHammerhead skating across North Carolina
Shayne Carlson - CC2C - 3,200 miles skateboarding across USA
Longboard Trip
Tomo Chisnall, skating across NZ in memory of Marcus
Paul Kent on Alberta Prime Time TV!
Omar Fahmy - kickin it across the US blog
3000 km on longboard, a journey through SoutheastAsia
Keith O'Leary - 750 miles in 10 days!
Laura Hatwell's 700-mile journey
Beth Fishman, Reppin' the Northwest Women's LDP
Ben Warner and crew skate across USA - March-May 2009
Barney Bezemer, reppin' the Netherlands
LongTreks Journey Across South America
Laura Hatwell - World's first female 100+ mile ultraskater!!
Rob's Back Home
Rob Thomson's World Wide Skateboard Journey COMPLETED!
Keith O'Leary's 100-mile goal in the Ultraskate
Scott Raynor and Stephan Reinhardt across USA
Cement Survival
Adam's Blog and Eric's Story
New Life, Old Self
200 miles in 3 days
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