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double bladed standup paddle

I like the flow of the double paddles used in kayaking, and wondered what it would be like to have a huge double for SUP.  

Apparently this guy had the same thought a couple years back and found out that his wrists took on a lot of the torque, and devised a ringed system in the paddle that enables efficient paddling from a standup position.   It'll be interesting to see where this goes.


Yeah, I can't leave it alone...  I'll probably be playing with some duct tape and jacked up garage stuff until I can get something done up proper.

Want to trial some stiff "ergonomic" angles and see what works without the complexity of the rotating handles.    

This is the concept so far:

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Subject: double paddle for standup - center ergonomic grip

Hi Doug

I just left a somewhat rambling message on your phone.   I'd like to see if you could help me in building a short insert that would go between the two ends of my existing Werner Skagit paddle.  

This would make it a 3-piece paddle -- much longer, with the end-purpose of enabling a rotating paddling technique while standing up on a SUP board.

This idea itself is not new -- but you may already be aware of a builder Scott Bucknell who is currently patenting a rotating cuff that is aimed toward this same goal.   It is very interesting in concept and has a really nice execution.

However my solution is far more simple, and possibly "elegant" if it actually worked well.   I think there's a possibility that simply re-using the existing architecture of an ergonomic shaft as a center insert, and possibly playing with the angles a little  (or not, at first)  might just do the trick.   This would simply be a center shaft with male and female ends, and bent/ergonomic grips in the middle.    

The lower hand would not be perfectly vertical, nor would the upper hand be perfectly horizontal, which is considered the optimal stand-up grip, but therein lies possibly the difference in technique for using this type of paddle in this somewhat unorthodox application.    I'm willing to put my body and wrists to the test.

What I would want to do is give you details on my height and current paddle that I own, and see if you could build a center piece like this -- would you be interested?

Many thanks in advance,
James Peters

Total length on this double will be about 9' 4"

Handles are the next step...have something in mind but I need a grinder.


Experiment 1 was a bit rushed, I didn't have a good wooden pole so went with PVC that I discovered had a bit too much flex.   Still, learned a bit and will go a little longer, with other materials next...

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