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All About LDP
Your local runs and adventures
Got some good pumps in lately? Must-ride locations? Stories that happened out on the trail today?
Crash and Burn
Good times, Gnar times, close calls, maybe helmets aren't so dorky after all.
What works and doesn't work for you. The Learning Curve...
Setups - completes, components, and everything else
What works for you?
Setups - boards
Flex, weight, camber, concave, shapes and contour.
Setups - wheels
Rebound, roll speed, grip and slip. Sans hype!
Setups - trucks
Turn, pump, carve, and slash. Efficiency is key in LDP.
Setups - bushings
Tiny components, huge importance to the pump!
Buy, Sell, Trade
Cleaning out the garage? Looking for new shops, new products? This is the place.
Vendors Corner
A place for all the new shizzle and marketing pizzazz.
Video and Photo submissions


Sessions and Events
Heading out for a cruise? Planning an event? Toss it out there!
The Ultraskate
All you need is a skateboard and a free weekend.
Featured Distance Riders
People pushing their limits. Epic treks, personal challenges, and what they learned along the way.
Skateboarding is still a crime?
Anything Goes
Rants and raves, randomness, keyboard racing, maybe some controversy, maybe nothing at all!
Racing and Competition
Int'l and US Distance Skateboarding Associations
Races and Event Brainstorming
Competitive distance skateboarding - throw down some ideas and proposals!
Other Waves
Cross-Training, Health, and Nutrition
Rainy day activities, other exercises, eating right, recouperation, etc...
Dedicated to the Push
Drop-decks, big wheels, and the perfect tuck. All you need to go faraway places -- or just fast.
Pools and Parks
Local spots, recent sessions, old guys wearing crash pads.
Carve, Bomb, Slide, Shred
Some see a big hill and bomb it. Others take their time.
Surf, paddle, glide...
The Toilet
Toilets keep the rest of our house clean. This one will be flushed occasionally.
Regional Skates
US - Westside Yo
From the left coast YO! over to Montana down to New Mexico.
US - Midwest
North Dakota down to Kansas and over to Ohio, baby!!
US - South
Texas to Delaware to Florida. Eees hot hot hot.
US - Northeast
Maine down to Penn & New Jersey
Canada, eh?
South Park says there's only one road in Canada, is that true?
South America


Asia and Australia / NZ

Haven't seen anyone from here yet but who knows!? site related stuff
The Old Guest Book (Archived)
This is a copy and paste of the Guest Book contents all in one thread. If you find something here interesting feel free to start up something new on it. Suggestions and Questions

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