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GPS tracking blog

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PostPosted: Sat Mar 01, 2008 12:53 pm    Post subject: GPS tracking blog  Reply with quote

GPS mileage 2010


Did I say a week?  Scratch that.   The heel took a lot longer healing, so I'll be working my way back into it.   Needless to say, not much skate mileage to blog about.  The occasional ride and garage bomb but with the injury, a week of snow and ice and the like, I'm logging more time on the bike at the moment:

1st - bike 16m to work
2nd - bike 16m back home
6th - bike 16m to work
8th - bike 16m home

24th - Still not much skate mileage to mention, between the short days, mudslides that shut down the Burke, a new longer work commute, and rain rain rain, I've been skating the "short" board with 62mm wheels from SOP Longboards downtown the most.   Unless I get some bigger rides in before year's end, going to tally it up here and look toward the New Year.


Ok, now I'm officially slacking on the mileage logging.  I did end up skating less in recent weeks because of being really sick and recouping on antibiotics, and managing some achilles issue and prepping for Florida with hot yoga.   The only mileage I'm going to try to remember is Adrenalina...

5th - 10m skate to and from Adrenalina and mapping the course
6th - 26.2m Adrenalina Marathon!!!!   1:57:53

Afterward on a casual ride with Alexandre I hit some palm tree debris, got tossed off my board and slammed my heel hard, which eliminated my skating for a week.


4th - 13m skate home
5th - bike 26m, drum lesson on the way home
6th - 13m skate home
7th - 13m skate home
11th - bike 27.3m to new work place and back  (12.1m in, 15.2m back)
12th - drove
13th - 16m skate home, took Wall street to Dexter  (off Waterfront)
14th - 16m skate into work, took Bell street down to Waterfront

16th - 13m skate out to Woodinville and back, ran into Michael Dong on the way back.   Helped a little crying kid tie his shoe and bike back to his parents too... the Burke's awesome.

19th - 16m skate home, up Vine street.
20th - 16m skate home, up Vine street again, saw Don biking.

24th - Kickbike 16m out to Woodinville and back.  Efficiency is comparable to skateboard, maybe even a little less efficient, although I still have a ways to go in technique.   Super nasty weather, raining hard on the way back.  Leaves and sticks all over the trail from last nights storm.  Stats:  11.6 mph moving average.  24mph max speed.  16.1m total.  Moving time 1 hour 23 mins.

25th - Kickbike 16m into work.  So far my biggest kickbike rides have been in horribly nasty weather.   Solid wind and rain in my face, I almost turned around just a mile into it, but charged ahead into work.
26th - Bike 12m into work and 16m back, for 28 miles total.  Cutting through city streets cuts down the miles significantly.


1st - wife's foot surgery
2nd - bike 13m home
3rd - 13m skate home on Mermaid-Vite

5th - 18m skate past Woodinville and back, check half-marathon GPS markings on Sammamish Trail.
6th - bike 26m to work and back
7th - bike 26m to work and back
8th - 13m skate home
9th - 13m skate home

11th - 18m skate past Woodinville and back.  Estate sale on the way down the zigzag hill, met Jason and Katie's friends with kite/kayaks.
12th - CELL skate and Paddleboard with Sophie

13th - 13m skate home
14th - 13m skate home
15th - bike 26m work and back
16th - bike 26m work and back
17th - 20m skate out past Woodinville and back on GBomb with 97mm's

19th - Wet CELL session with Dave, Stryker, Brad, and Corey.  Wipe outs on the corners.
20th - bike 26m work and back
21st - bike 20m work and back, short route, drum lesson on way home

22nd - 26m skate to work and back
23rd - bike 12.5 into work: 17mph overall, 27mph max, 43 mins total.  bike 13m back.
24th - 18m skate to Woodinville and back

25th - Ultraskate 12, but just skate a couple miles to Oktoberfest and back with Panda, meet Will, Sherpa, and Nancy.
26th - skate the Cell, Panda, Stryker, Brad, and Ramadan.

27th - Sophie up late, drive the car to work and back.
28th - bike 26m to work, to drum lesson on the way home
29th - 26m skate to work and back.
30th - 13m skate home, meet Greg on his bike near home, walk up the hill to 145th.


1st week, went major vacation mode at the beach and didn't skate.

9th - 13m home on the Mermaid-Vite
10th - 26m to work and back on Mermaid-Vite
11th - 13m home on Mermaid-Vite
12th - rest

13th - 106.3 miles, on Mermaid-Vite.  1st day RSVP, Seattle to Bellingham.
14th - 83.5 miles, on Mermaid-Vite.  2nd day RSVP, Bellingham to Vanc BC.  (189.8 miles total)

15th - Walked all over Vancouver BC

16th - 26m on the bike to work and back.
17th - 26m commute on the bike again.

===GPS details August 17th===

Home to work by bike: 125th to Sand Point Way to Burke-Gilman
12.4 miles
26.5 mph max speed
15.2 mph moving average
14.6 mph overall average
2:01 stopped time
48:48 moving time

Work to home by bike: Stone Way, Lake City, 35th Ave Northeast
9.54 miles
32.5 mph max speed
13.8 moving average
12.8 overall average
3:01 stopped time
41:36 moving time

===August 18th===

Home to work by bike: 35th to Lake City to Stone Way
9.47 miles
26.6 mph max speed
14.2 mph moving average
13.4 mph overall average
2:25 stopped time
39.57 moving time

Work to home by bike: Burke Gilman
13 miles
22.5 mph max speed
16.2 moving average
16.1 overall average
0:22 stopped time
48:11 moving time

19th - 26m bike to work and back

21st - 5.6m skate around Greenlake twice, once to warm up, and one lap timed for Deano's August 'race' series.  Sure, racing, whatever  Smile

23rd - 26m bike to work and back
24th - 13m skate home
25th - 6m skate, half way home, doubled back then up Stone Way to meet Patrick, beers and lamb sandwiches at the Kiwi Bar next to Beths

26th - 13m home on Mermaid Vite, ran into Skip, went to 7-11 for some surprise sandwiches on the house, live music out in front, and a couple of Tecates.

27th - no miles, TS on Michael Dong's board at Cathlamet Corral
28th - 7 mile Cathlamet push race on Mermaid Vite, took 3rd after Brandon and Robin

30th - 13m home on Mermaid Vite
31st - 13m home on Mermaid Vite


6th - 13m home from work, Mermaid-Vites Pink Gumballs.   Race pace ride home, to get there by 6pm for Sakae's outing with the girls.
7th - 13m home, Mermaid-Vites.  Chat with Cliney on the way home.
8th - 26m into work and back, Mermaid-Vites.   Lost a rear wheel on the way home and walked the last mile.

11th - 7m on the Seattle Push "race"
12th - 13m home, Mermaid-Vite.  Saw Dan-o biking by.
13th - 13m home, Mermaid-Vite
14th - 13m into work, Mermaid-Vite

17th- 137 miles  (1st day STP)  on Mermaid-vite
18th - 67 miles  (2nd day STP) on Mermaid-vite

21st - 26m on bike, time to use some different muscles
22nd - 26m on bike

25th - 15m to Woodinville and back home on the Mermaid, wearing Ted's LUNA sandals, rocking sunny weather.
26th - 13m home on the Mermaid and sticking with the LUNAs.
27th - 13m home on the Mermaid with LUNAs.
28th - 13m home on Mermaid with LUNAs.
29th - 26m into work and back home on Deep-Dropped G-Bomb with 97mm wheels.   Got my first "flat" on the LUNAs in the way in, did a quick fix on the trail.


1st - 26m into work and back home on the Loaded-LDP-Bennett w/Lime Zigs.
2nd - 13m back home on the Seismic Schlong / Avilas, wet once again.
3rd - 26m to work and back again on the Loaded LDP.

4th - Chemosurgery.  It was a lot more serious and time consuming than I'd imagined.   Taking Vicodin for the pain, and probably won't be skating this weekend.

5th-6th-7th:  Wiped out.  Turns out "probably" was a huge understatement.   Tough too because the weather has been killer!!

8th - 13m on the Burke.  Loaded-LDP with Bennetts / Lime Zigs.  Back on board much to my wife's chagrin...but I was going stir crazy.   Wearing a patch over my stitches to minimize abrasion.
9th - 13m on the Burke.  Loaded-LDP with Bennetts / Lime Zigs.
10th - 26m to work and back on the Loaded LDP.  Saw Brighton and Ethan on the way in, and Lee on the way home.
11th - 15m out to Woodinville and back on Loaded-LDP.  Split the Venom barrel in front, had to limp back home.

12th - 30m out to Redmond Marymoor Park and back home, awesome weather, Loaded-LDP with double orange Khiro in front Bennett.
13th - 30m early morning ride out to Marymoor Park and back again.

14th - 13m home at 6-7pm.  Loaded-LDP.
15th - good day but took a break, need to rest the heels a bit.
16th - 13m home on Loaded LDP.   Chat with one of the dudes from UrbanSurf SUP on the way home, said there's a Jetty Island race this weekend.

21st - 13m home on Loaded-LDP.
22nd - 13m into work on Loaded-LDP.

25-26th - 163 miles, Ultraskate 11.  Stopped at midnight with 8 hours left, spent the rest of night supporting.   Didn't want to blow the achilles as STP and RSVP are a few weeks from now.


3rd - 13m home on Mermaid-Vite, but nasty rain and hail all the way.
4th - 13m DRY ride home on the Mermaid-Vite, finally!
5th - 13m ride home on the Mermaid-Vite
6th - 13m ride home on the Mermaid-Vite
7th - Worked from home.   Should be a perfect weekend, planning to set up the Texalium Pulse.
9th - 15m on the Pulse-Vite, out to Woodinville and back. Niice.  Shorter WB at the moment.
10th - 13m home on the Seismic Schlong with Avilas, even though it was dry.   Met Panda half way home and did a slide session afterward!
11th - 13m home on the Loaded LDP-Vite.
12th - 13m home on the Loaded LDP-Vite, stopped by Urban Surf.
13th - 13m home on the Loaded LDP-Vite, lengthened the wheelbase an inch and reshaped it slightly.

17th - 13m home on the Loaded LDP-Vite
18th - 13m home on the Loaded LDP-Vite
19th - 13m into work on the Loaded LDP-Bennett
20th - 13m home on the Seismic-Avila Schlongboard (wet)

23rd - a few pumps down the Alki boardwalk with CSA crew, MOBO booth and Deano coordinating the helmet giveaway.  Met Greg and saw SkateJourneys Trish.

24th - 13m home on Loaded LDP-Bennett
25th - 26m into work and back, on Loaded LDP-Bennett
26th - 13m home on Seismic Schlong/Avilas
27th - 26m into work and back, on the Loaded LDP-Bennett

30th - 11.2m - 4 laps around Greenlake on the Loaded, changed up the wheels to Lime Zigs.
31st - 15m - Woodinville and back in the rain on the G-Brolls park deck w/97mm's


1st - 14m at Greenlake with Eric*2 up from Texas and Panda, great ride on the Mermaid-Vite, miraculously dry.
3rd - 221 miles on Ultraskate 9 in Seattle, Rollsrolls.
10th - 120 miles on Ultraskate 10  (Skaiti) in the UK, Mermaid-Vite.
19th - 13m home on the Mermaid-Vite.
20th - 13m home on the Mermaid-Vite.
21st - Work function whirlyball.
22nd - 13m home on the Mermaid-Vite.

Started backyard fence project all weekend... no skatey!

26th - 13m home on Mermaid but NASTY weather all the way.
27th - 13m home on the Seismic-Schlong w/Avilas, wet.
28th - 13m home on the Seismic-Schlong w/Avilas again, dry!  Sad
29th - 13m home on the Motion Comet (1st long ride) w/red Avilas, dry.

Second weekend of fence project...same weekend as Gravity Dave's b-day.   Gave the wrist a rest and went to the Zoo Sunday.

VITE mileage Jan--April:  606.63


1st - 13m home on the Mermaid-Vite.
2nd - 13m home on the Mermaid-Vite.
3rd - 13m home on the Mermaid-Vite.
4th - 13m home on the Mermaid-Vite.
5th - 13m home on the Mermaid-Vite, with heavy backpack.

6th - Taking a rest this weekend, even though the weather is still amazing.  Besides busy family stuff, need to give the achilles a rest.

8th - 13m on the Mermaid-Vite
9th - 13m on the Mermaid-Vite
10th - 13m on the rolls
11th - 13m on the rolls
13th - 15m on the Mermaid-Vite, out to Woodinville and back.
14th - Garage skating in the a.m. with Stryker, Dave, and Patrick, then roller-Disco with Sophie in the afternoon.

15th - 13m on the Mermaid-Vite home
16th - 13m on the Mermaid-Vite into work
17th - 13m on the Mermaid-Vite home, heavy headwind.
18th - 13m on the Mermaid-Vite home, saw the pink blanket bike guy.
19th - off

20th - 19.6m around Greenlake, Mermaid-Vite.  Perfect sunny morning except for the Rowing Regatta!  5 laps with the 77mm Vents, then 2 laps with the 75mm black ops Avilas.   11.3 mph average speed either way.

21st - 8.43m around Greenlake, Mermaid-Vite.  3 laps with the Avilas.  Garage session after with Dave, Patrick, Corey, Sean.
22nd - 13m home on the Mermaid-Vite
23rd - 15m home on the Mermaid-Vite, went to Motionboardshop and back home.
24th - 13m home on the Mermaid-Vite.
25th - SICK, worked from home.
26th - SICK, worked from home.

27th - 14m at Greenlake on the Mermaid-Vite, switched to lime bigzigs.  Ended up switching back to the Avilas.

29th - 13m home on the rolls.
30th - 13m home on the rolls.
31st - 13m home on the rolls.   Had a bit of adventure when my coworker stopped to chat and some dude going 100 mph on his bike on the trail flew off and ate it, fried his front rim.   My buddy gave him his front tire then walked home with me to borrow mine.

VITE mileage Jan--March:  420.63


1st - 13m home on the rolls.  Some skater dude handed me a "baton" as I was on a fast push past him, so I took the bait and grabbed it.   Turns out it was a rolled-up Penthouse Girls of 2010   8-D
2nd - 13m home on the rolls
3rd - 13m home on the rolls... could use some sunshine here people!
4th - 13m home on the rolls.   It was actually pretty dry, the morning was not.  Hard to gauge weather... Noticed someone else's LDP tracks in the sand/dirt on the Fremont bridge.   Also freaked out some kid who was skating an FSM, told him about the upcoming ultraskate, I think he thought I just got out of an institution.
5th - 13m home on the Avila-Schlongboard

8th - 13m home on the rolls.
9th - 13m home on the rolls.
10th - 13m home on the rolls... could use some sun here?!
13th - 20m on the rolls, light showers, went out past Redhook and back, 11.9mph average with no break.   Yoga mat mounted for vibration dampening is working well.  Wanted to start building up the longer nonstop rides and gauge how the achilles is holding up.  Later this night, some mellow slalom / birthday garage session at Cell with Stryker, Corey, Dong, Jackman, Dave, Glenn -- then fine dining at Hooters.  

15th - 20m on the Mermaid-Vite!  Finally some dryness.  Great ride to Redhook and back.  11.1mph average with no break.

16th at my brother's
17th - ran 2m barefoot to my brother's gate and back
18th - 12m skate on the Mermaid-Vite with Sophie on her bike, we got back to Seattle early.  Ran 2m barefoot again in the morning at my brother's.
19th - 13m skate home from work - pumping the Mermaid-Vite!  Definitely feeling the burn in back of legs from the few miles of running.

21st - 13.6m on Shane's "Hare Scrambles Race" at Seward Park.   Got the fastest lap with 14.2mph moving average over the hour.

22nd - 13m home on the Mermaid-Vite.
23rd - had to stay late, only 3m to work and back w/bus.
24th - 13m skate home on the rollsrolls.   Going to fix the crack in this one now and move over to the yellow cab rolls, just gripped it with yoga mat and Shoe Goo.
25th - 26m skate into work and back home, on the yellow rollsrolls.  Iced the achilles and took a hot bath afterward.

27th - 20m RAIN ride with Panda.  Dude is dedicated.  I started from home on the Burke and Dave met me at Redhook, then out to Marymoor and back to the pub for some brews and nachos.  Perfect end to a drenched ride.
28th - 30m solo SUN ride pumping the Mermaid-Vite out to Marymoor and back.  GPS stats showed average moving speed 11.9m.   I changed the wheels from white Avilas to sea-green 77mm Speed Vents.   A little on the harsh side, but quick.

VITE mileage for Jan/Feb 2010 = 179.6m.


6th - 13m skate home first ride on the Vite-PulseV3
7th - 13m skate into work on Vite.  
11th - 13m skate to work, rollsrolls in the pouring rain.
12th - 13m skate home, rollsrolls.   Relentless.   Later this week the BurkeGilman has a huge mudslide from all the rain.

18th - 5m skate to the climbing rock and back, with Sophie on her bike.
19th - 13m skate home on the Vite!  
20th - 15m skate home on the rolls.  And skated to MOBO with Skip.
21st - 13m skate home on the Vite, nice n' dry.
22nd - 13m drunken night time skate home  (on the Vite)  after Gordon/Lu work party.  Hit a bad sidewalk chunk and supermanned just before the Fremont bridge, of course in full spectacular view of a long line of drivers waiting at a red light.

25th - 13m rollsrolls but it was almost dry.  Been riding alongside Skip almost every day.
26th - 13m home on the Pulse-VITE.  Holding up nicely, it went through a little squeaky period, now its quiet again.   Time to take it off and check things out.   Amazingly smooth.
27th - 13m home on the Vite.

30th - 9m to Big Mama and back, rollsrolls in the rain.   Just needed to get out!



Toward the end of 2008, I started biking because of all the wet and leaves, then in December got super sick, stopped doing the 100 pushups program, stopped biking, and then Seattle decided to have the biggest snowfall in 40 years, which lasted just past the New Year.  

So here we are in 2009, and I'm going to shoot for more manual mileage blogging-- updating as frequently as possible before I forget the past week of rides.    Once in a while some crazy stuff happens out on the trail and if I only log miles off the GPS and no "notes" along with it, I'm sure I'd forget some of the craziness.  So let's try this again...

GPS mileage 2009


...was a wash.   Lots of rain and got sick.   Not enough skating to update here.  Will figure out the miles for 2009 later!


2nd - 13m skate home
3rd - 13m skate home.  Dry but really windy.  Kind of deja vu of the last Ultraskate.   With daylight savings time, getting dark at 5 p.m.
4th - 13m skate home.
5th - late meeting, no skate
6th - bellevue work, no skate
7th - picked up RB mini at Motion!


1st - 13m bike home  (took the bike to work in the car)
4th - 19m skate, with Sophie!  Half way she rode her old bike, she rode her new bike home  (recycled cycles)
5th - 13m skate home - then bike with Sophie
6th - 13m skate home - then bike with Sophie... I see a pattern here
7th - 13m skate home
8th - 13m skate home

11th - 13m redhook half marathon skate with sean, blake, munson and derek, steve and jesse

12th - 13m skate home
13th - 13m skate into work  (dark, rain, leaves, branches, mudslides, ultraskate training!)
15th - 13m skate home
18th - 7m night skate to kenmore and back home, after weekend with bro
19th - 13m skate home
20th - 13m skate home
21st - 13m skate home
23rd - 13m skate home

25th - 13m skate home
26th - 13m skate home

30th - 144m Ultraskate Eight on the rollsrolls yoga mat board


2nd - 13m skate home
4th - 13m skate home

7th - 13m skate home
8th - 5m skate Greenlake with Patrick
9th - 13m skate home
14th - 13m skate home, 2m SUP-kayak to St Edwards park with Sophie

Lots of SUP and Kayak...
Lots of short (2m) skates...
Experimenting with SUP double paddles and sit-down boarding

22nd - 13m skate home.  2m kayak Matthews to Kirkland and back
23rd - 13m skate home.   took SUP to Gasworks for chinook box, sat in on a kitesurfing class.
24th - 13m skate home, after Jillian's party and McD's in UVillage
27th - 10m "Reunion" skate Woodinville to Redmond with Derek and Patrick.  Skipped the SUP Round the Rock, and skipped the Tacoma race.  
28th - 13m skate home
29th - 13m skate home
30th - 26m bike to and from work


2nd - 8m skate to Blyth Park with Sophie on her bike.  Spotted Doug Griffin on the trail.  Later did a quick 2m SUP over to St Edwards and 1m nature run up and down the trail to the building and park at the top of the hill.
3rd - 13m skate home.  Met Lee (biker) on the way home chatted briefly.
4th - 13m skate home.
5th - took bus home, did a 3-mile SUP along with the swift kayak folks instead.
6th - took bus home, did a X?-mile SUP "race" with Urban Surf crew.
8th - 26 mile skate.  10 down to Gasworks, met Dave and Jason, 6 mile parade, 10 miles back home.
9th - 5.9 mile SUP from the Arboretum to eastside of Lake WA  (along 520 bridge)  then back.

10th - 13m skate home
11th - 13m skate home
13th - SUP race at Gasworks (Urban Surf / Naish)
16th - SUP race at Shilshole Bay (Cheka Looka)
17th - 13m skate home
18th - 13m skate home
20th - Last SUP race at Gasworks (Urban Surf / Naish)
21st - First time out with HQ Hydra kite, no wind
22nd - Kite session for 2 hours, just kite training, great winds!
23rd - Kite session at Gasworks with Sophie, her first time out
24th - 13m skate home
25th - 13m skate home


1st - 10m skate to Greenlake session with Dave and Patrick.  Saw BFT, Leah, and Edgar, on Ted's b-day.
2nd - 13m into work.  Drove Shu home as designated driver  Very Happy
3rd - 10m skate to Bothell, Sophie on her bike.  Met MJ Kelly!   And a SUP guy named Matt at Logboom Park.   Ran 3 miles later in the day.
4th - 2m run.
5th - SUP out on Greenlake with Sophie and Sakae.
6th - 13m skate home.
7th - 13m skate home.  Eric Westburg biked alongside on the Westlake parking lot.
8th - 13m skate home.

11th - 128 mile skate, Seattle to Vader.
12th - 76 mile skate, Vader to Portland.
13th - 19th - Swimming in Hawaii

20th - 13m skate home.
21st - 13m skate home, then SUP on Greenlake with Sophie.
23rd - 4m skate then Outrigger Canoe session on Lake Union with Sabine, Kristen, Trish.
24th - 13m skate to work.
26th - 10m skate to Bothell / McD's and back with Sophie.  Stopped by MOBO and had a great visit with Jason, Katie gave Sophie some water.

28th - 3m run + 3m walk at Long Beach
29th - 4m run + 2m walk
30th - 6m run
31st - 8m skate on the Discovery Trail at Long Beach.  Took the SUP out on Greenlake with Sophie after returning home.


1st - 13m skate home.  Bumped into Cliney on the hill.
2nd - 13m skate home.
3rd - 20m skate home.  Went up to Greenlake did a lap then back down.
4th - 20m skate home.  Same as yesterday.
5th - 13m skate home.
6th - rest
7th - 50m skate, down to Gasworks, over to Marymoor, back home.  Last 'big' ride before the next ultra.  Epsom salt baths are the best.

8th - 13m skate home.  Icing the achilles.   All the skate days have been great -- unseasonably hot and sunny, fortunately this week's a little cooler than last.
9th - 13m skate home.
10th - 13m skate home.
11th - 13m skate.   Helped a grom find his way to his buddies at Z-turns on the way home.
12th - 26m skate to work and back.  Saw Barry Plum, Jim Mitchell biked along half the way home.

13th/14th - down in Vancouver, weekend off.

15th - 26m skate to work and back.
16th - 13m skate home, ran into a crew of Shoreliners sliding Z-turns and we rode to Cliney hill, also ran into Dave.   Fun stuff!
17th - 13m skate home.  Slight rain, first rain in almost a month!
18th - 13m skate home.

20th - Fremont Solstice Parade.   A mile or whatever.  
21st - Ultraskate VII - 140 miles in 13.5 hours.   Then it rained, and I didn't want to skate until I hurt myself.  Been there, done that.  So I stopped and enjoyed supporting Paul and others.

22-26th - Took the bus and read "Born to Run."   Lot of stretching this week and keeping up the upper body workouts.   Not injured, but happily exerted and in recovering mode.  Short skates at Cedar Park and around the 'hood, just no full commutes.
27th - Ran 2 miles barefoot, with Mika.  Skipped Salem OSG to spend the weekend with family and Saiko, visiting from Japan.
28th - Took Saiko to Seattle Pride Parade.

29th - 13m skate home.
30th - 13m skate home.


1st - 26m skate into work and back.  Had to kick off the Cascade "Bike" to Work Month off right, once again part of the company's commuting team, but with a 4-wheel twist.
2nd - 11.3m greenlake morning skate.
3rd - Noodled around at the garage with Dave, Glenn, and Patrick.

4th - 26m bike.
5th - 26m bike.  Torrential rainstorm on the way in.
6th - 26m bike.  Rain.
7th - 26m bike.  Hey, more rain!
8th - Skated around the "Couve" visiting G-Bomb Mark and Eric.   Totally dry.  Lots of skating!
9th - 16m skate on the Burnt Creek Bridge Trail in Vancouver with Mark and Eric.   First day on the new Virage LDP trucks with a dropped G-Bomb setup.  Lots of other bombing in the city, Fort Lewis, etc., amazing place to skate!!

11th - 26m bike.
12th - 26m bike.
13th - 26m skate.  Patrick made a surprise show on the morning commute and skated to Fremont with me.  Great way to kick off a midweek skate.   Still riding the Virage rear + Bennett front on the Mermaid V-lam.   The new Virage LDP front is on my Cambiar setup.

14th - 13m bike in, 13m skate home.   I broke down the Cambiar + Virage setup and put it in my bike bag for a wet and rainy ride in, then stuck the board together at work in about 5 minutes for a sunny and mostly dry ride home.

15th - 26m SKATE, on Bike to Work day  Wink
16th - cut down a tree, upper-body chainsaw workout
17th - Fast n Furious slalom in Graham with the CSA crew, though I was more like Slow and Surfy

18th - 13m bike  (rode bus/skated 2m to work, rode bike home)
19th - 26m bike - rain
20th - 13m bike, 13m skate  (left bike at work)
21st - 26m skate
22nd - 26m skate
23rd - 20m skate out to Redhook, met Dave for a 45-minute beer and Tim Eney's first time out!
25th - 15m skate to Woodinville.  Met Aaron Erbeck (at the turnaround point) and Barry Plum on the ride back.

26th - 26m skate, met Pat Matson (bike) on the way home.  GPS'd the distance from 147th to Gasworks start; 10.1m on one device, 9.98m on the other.
27th - 13m skate
30th - 10m skate out to Bothell Landing with Sophie on her bike
31st - 15m skate out to Woodinville Wilmot park and back.  After a day of canoeing and rock climbing - wiped!


[Virage test total at 4/1/09: 195m, only swaps have been bushings, no change in pins or axles]

1st - 26m bike, pounding rain, was a good call.  
2nd - 3m skate, and bus
3rd - worked from home

4th - 15m sunrise skate, out to woodinville and back.  the 'click' sound from the Virage really picked up after one run through a wet portion of the trail, after a solid hour of no clicking sounds, so it's pretty conclusive that moisture plays a part.  I'm convinced its something like the bushing snapping against or off the lip of the hangar, just have to figure out where.
5th - Salem Slalom

6th - 13m skate home, moved the Virage setup off the slalom board, back onto the Mermaid, but left the 70mm orange front, lemon rears on.  it was fun to ride the "tiny" wheels all the way back home for a change.
7th - 13m skate home, put 76mm Lime BZigs back on the Virages, since the Pinks are at work.  Put a little wider spacer in the back, so now the edge to edge measurement on the wheels is 8-1/4" equally front and rear.
8th - 13m skate home.   Looks like rain/bike tomorrow...
9th - 26m bike, indeed.
10th - rest
11th - met Panda down at the Garage for an early skate, just some casual cones and laps.
12th - raining solid all day - ran 4 miles out to Tracy Owen park and back.

13th - 26m bike.
14th - 26m bike.  Sunny ride home...hard not to have the skateboard.  Picked up a couple 3" pins at TacomaScrew and gave the Virage a small upgrade and test spin, needs a bit more riser now.
15th - 26m skate - finally!!! Some freaking SUN!   Rode the 3" kingpin on the Virage with a little more riser.   Much smoother, though I've created some new squeaking noise which I think is just the board chewing me out for not riding it enough.   Met Panda near Matthews beach on the way home, dude's been cranking some miles.
16th - 13m skate home

18th - 14m skate at sunrise with Panda at Greenlake, 1st day on the white ops avilas
19th - 30m skate out to Marymoor and back.  Met John and Gary out biking, Jason and Katie on the way back.   Removed the spherical and ran the Virage with a cone bushing in place of the bearing.
20th - 13m skate home.   Orange Venom cone is splitting in a weird place.
21st - 13m skate home.   75 degrees!!
22nd - 13m skate home.  30 degrees colder.  Need new headphones.
23rd - 13m skate home.

25th - 30m skate to Marymoor and back.  First day putting the metal spherical back after a week on the cone bushing "urethane grommet."  The bearing is pretty loose at this point, real squeaky.  Look forward to trying out a nylon spherical + bearing combo.
26th - 7m skate to Dave's, then random skating down in Puyallup, a few miles on the "LDP track" and some fast runs on the hill.   Dave's first time on a big hill through cones and he got visibly better in just a couple hours.
27th - 13m skate.
28th - 26m bike - rain in the morning but nice in the evening, I'd rather be skating!
29th - 17m skate.
30th - 17m skate.  75 degree weather, yee haw.  Skating to Logboom Park with Sophie (on her bike) is becoming an evening ritual!


2nd - 26m bike, rode with Skip on the way home (dry, damnit)
3rd - 26m bike, dry going home again  (weatherman is stoned)
4th - 26m bike, rain both ways
5th - 26m skate - pumped in the wet on the way in, totally dry going home
6th/7th - rest, knee issues - from biking!
8th - cyber session, taking it easy

9th - 13m skate
10th - 13m skate
11th - 13m skate

12th - 13m skate - VIRAGE trucks First Day!!   2006 Roe Mermaid with camber, no concave, 70mm wheels.   Met up with Dave at Tacoma Screw, bought a handful of 3" grade 8's and took them to Rick to sand them down to Bennett size.   Rode home, mix of pump and push.   Narrowest hangar setup.  Will widen out and go with 76mm wheels on the next one.
13th - 13m skate, re-mounted the Virages on a 2007 Mermaid with camber and concave, 76mm Pink Gumballs.  

14th - rest
15th - mellow cyber and breakfast for Jackman's birthday, put the Virages on the Walkabout - Brad and Dave checked it out.

16th - 13m skate, on the Walkabout with Virages, white bitch and white barrel front.  Joined by James Mitchell on his bike, an experienced biker, he rode up my hill at the end and told me to stop doing that.
17th - 16m skate, (3m morning laps + 13m commute home)  Now back on the Mermaid + Virages, this time front truck is mounted with only a thin rubber shock pad, 76mm pink gumballs and still no wheelbite!   Lowest topmount pumper/pusher combo to date.
18th - 15m skate, Mermaid + Virage ride II, getting comfortable on this type of truck again  (a lot like the splitfire days, only better)  - went up to Motionboardshop and chatted with Katie and Jason, bought $15 bearings from Nick
19th - 3m skate, from the bus to work and back.  Taking it easy before the ultraskate.
20th - rest

21st  - Ultraskate VI - 80 miles on the Virage setup.  the low pushing came in handy all the way up Stone Way!
22nd - just wrenching at mellow cyber slalom session, breakfast at FremontDock with Deano, Stryker and Dave

23rd - 3m skate and bus
24th - 26m bike, first time back on bike since knee issues.  per Jim Mitchell's advice, gearing down, pedalling up, slowing down...see how it goes.
25th - 26m bike
26th - 26m bike, commuted home after a pound of Theo's chocolate, a half cheeseburger, and a couple pints of IPA.  I'm ready to get back on board but I need to set one up!
28th - ran 4+ slow miles out to tracy owen park and back home

30th - 13m skate home (Virage, 81a red venom bottom, white Bitch top) half of the ride was rain, met Skip at the very end.
31st - 26m skate to and from work.   On the way in was seriously strong wind, half way home was rain.  Same bushings on the Virage.  Getting an old familiar clicking sound, might be bushings rubbing on the spherical?  


1st - 30 mile skate, out to Redmond and back with Dave and Marshall.   awesome time, only downer was when a hormone-crazed biker kook tried to pick a fight with us.   Dave went way beyond his previous rides, very cool to see that.
2nd - 26m by bike.
3rd - 13m skating home on the 2nd SK8KINGS AXE LDP proto!
4th - 13m skating home
5th - 26m by bike.
6th - rested, worked from home.  Took a long hot bath.

7th - 30m bike out to Redmond and back.  Shot trail film for ultraskate 6.
8th - garage session, offset cyber

9th - 26m by bike, ice
10th - bus
11th - 26m by bike, ice in the morning.  Saw Dave out pumping in the afternoon!
12th - 13m skate home.

14th - 20m skate with Dave  (he skated 30++?)
15th - cyber slalom
16th - 16m skate to woodinville and back

17-19th - canada vacation

20th - 26m skate to work and back, chatted with Barry Plum
21st - 16m skate to woodinville and back, saw Connor and Kaleb sliding on my local hill
22nd - cyber slalom
23rd - 26m bike, stopped for full tune up at Recycled on the way home
24th - 26m bike
25th - 13m skate
26th - 26m bike

28th - 41m skate to Gasworks, rode with Eric Westberg a while, then out to Woodinville, met Dave at Redhook for a beerski!


5th - 0 miles.  1st day back to work, it SNOWS!  Took the bus both ways.
6th - 26m by bike.
7th - 26m by bike.
8th - 26m by bike.  Mudslides over the trail, detour.
9th - 0 miles, work from home.

12th - 26m by bike.  New mudslides took out another section of trail, but no detour needed.  Stopped by Recycled cycles on the way home and got my eggbeater clip pedals put on.   Time to spin!
13th - 26m by bike.
14th - 26m by bike.
15th - 13m Loaded prototype. Lost the rear Seismic bolt C-clip and bolt.
16th - 0 miles, work from home.
17th - 18 miles, met Dave for few miles, then MotionBoardShop, then out to Woodinville and back
18th - 5.6 miles, couple laps around Greenlake with Patrick, Corey and Dave, after cyber session

DRY AND SUNNY!   (after the morning ice burns off)

19th - 20 miles, skated Burke home (some ice) with detour up Stone Way and 2 greenlake laps with Blake
20th - 13 miles skating home, met Dave on board and Skip on bike.   And Max the wandering Dachshund.
21st - 13 miles skating home
22nd - 26 miles skated work and back
23rd - no miles, worked from home

24th - 18 miles, out to Woodinville, did 2 cyber miles (4:37) then back
25th - impromptu cyber session, brad stryker dave and glenn

26th - bike 26 miles, 23-degree temps, saw Dave, he skated almost out to Matthews beach
27th - bike 26 miles (ice, lost cleat)
28th - bike 26 miles, saw Dave again!
29th - skate 13 miles home on the Cambiar, 83a BlackOps
30th and 31st  - rest and stretch


GPS mileage 2008

This is the 3rd year I've tracked mileage by GPS-- and what prompted this post right now is that just a few days ago, the power button on my Garmin Forerunner 201 went belly up, and some of the data got scrambled.   I'm sending this unit in to see if they'll replace or repair...

So I posted what's uploaded already, and logged rides manually for a while in Feb/March by time and location.   I'll definately have to pick up another device, as the Garmin was essential in tracking the 24-hour ride mileage from last year.



2nd - 26 miles, out to Redmond footbridge and back, TONS of leaves now.   Won't get to commute much this week due to a business trip, so wanted to get a good Sunday ride in.
7th bike - 26 miles
8th bike - 26 miles  (to Redmond footbridge and back)
9th - skipped the Vancouver Vixen 12-miler, kicking a cold, and I want to skate longer rides
11th bike - 26 miles


11th - 170 miles in Ultraskate V

20th morning - This doesn't count toward my skate mileage...but rode my cheap Eureka Motiv mountain bike to get a feel for the commute on 2 wheels, as currently considering picking up a Surly Cross-Check.  Did the 13 mile commute in just under an hour, so not much faster than the board  (yet)  obviously with some inefficiencies.  I'm sure the seat is set too low, the handlebar is probably not the right "fit", no pedal clips, knobby offroad tires, etc., etc., ...  but it was nice and grippy in the rain.

20th evening - Bought the Surly Cross-Check on the commute home!  Left the mountain bike at the shop and picked it up a couple days later.  First "road" bike I've ever owned.

Been riding it every day since.  It's maiden voyage was a dark and rainy night ride home.   Fortunately I've got all the right gear for this, having boarded the trails many times at night-- screaming yellow jacket, helmet lamp, rear red blinker, etc... The bike is working out so awesomely right now because there are long stretches completely coated in wet leaves.  I used to ride the rollsrolls on days (months...)  like this, but I can't really say it was 100% pleasureable.    So the mileage:

20th bike - 26m
21st bike - 26m
22nd bike - 26m
23rd bike - 26m
25th bike - 30m  (out to Redmond and back)

27th bike - 26m
28th bike - 26m
29th bike - 26m
30th bike - 26m
31st bike - 26m

lazy, i need to update...

15th & 16th - RSVP - 187 miles

12th & 13th - STP - 204 miles

10th - 18.44m: 5:21/mi
11th - 12.35m: 5:08/mi

14th - 100m                  (1st day of Ultraskate IV)
15th - 35.43m: 5:48/mi  (2nd day of Ultraskate IV)

17th - 18.63m: 5:50/mi
18th - 12.41m: 5:42/mi
19th - 12.29m: 5:23/mi
24th - 12.36m: 5:17/mi
25th - 12.41m: 5:03/mi (to work)
25th - 12.40m: 5:18/mi (back home)
26th - 12.91m: 5:52/mi

3rd & 4th - 208 miles - Ultraskate III

8th - 12.61m: commute home
7th - 12.56m: commute home
5th - 15.3m: ride out to woodinville and back to 145th
1st - 15.8m: six greenlake loops

31st - 8.7m: three greenlake loops
29th - 20m: seven greenlake loops
27th - 8.5m: three greenlake loops
26th - 12m: four fast loops around greenlake
22nd - 30m: long morning ride, marymoor and back, met STP biker rich who knows barry
20th - 12.5m: commute home
19th - 12.5m: commute home
18th - 12.5m: commute home, sunny and dry,'s report was 90% rain
17th - 12.5m: commute home, met Sheldon back from New Zealand!
12th - 12.5m: commute home with the Cambiar and Kahuna Big Stick!!
11th - 12.5m: commute home, rollsrolls and backpack, ironically dry, sucks!  Raced home to meet Dean-o at the RAM.
10th - 12.5m: commute home, rain.  Overhauled bearings after
9th - 14m: 5 laps at Green Lake.  Compared Mermaid / Pulse
7th - 9m: burke/145th to wayne golf course and back.  1 hour, met two kids in kenmore park sliding longboards who know shoreline Trevor
6th - 9m: burke/145th to wayne golf course and back.  1 hour, met Don
5th - 25m: commute to and from, met Alan on the way home
4th - 12.5m: commute home, rode the Cambiar

29th - burke/145th to woodinville redhook and back.  1 hour 45 mins
20.57m - 11.1mph  (last GPS record before fritz)

17.19m - 11.3mph
24.74m - 10.3mph
68.47m - 9.9mph
71.93m - 10.1mph
37.39m - 10.4mph


GPS mileage 2007

7.16m - 9.4mph
37.58m - 9.3mph
19.99m - 10.4mph

13.39m - 10.6mph
25.73m - 9.0mph
22.10m - 9.9mph
63.20m - 10.6mph

225.22m - 9.1mph  (week of 2nd 24-hour ride)
13.6m - 9.0mph
62.02m - 10.8mph
67.33m - 11.1mph

92.02m - 11.4mph
12.49m - 10.8mph
21.18m - 10.9mph
46.94m - 10.3mph

51.26m - 9.5mph
19.15m - 8.3mph

204m - 9.0mph   (week of 2nd Seattle to Portland)

no record

29.75m - 10.5mph
230.68m - 10.1mph  (week of 1st 24-hour ride)

53.30m - 11.2mph
51.80m - 11.0mph
83.24m - 10.6mph
27.13m - 9.3mph
55.35m - 9.6mph

70.47m - 10.9mph
31.09m - 10.6mph
64.52m - 10.0mph
50.10m - 10.1mph

60.72m - 9.7mph
52.52m - 10.4mph
65.24m - 10.4mph
55.29m - 9.9mph

54.45m - 10.8mph
24.70m - 8.1mph
30.58m - 9.1mph


GPS mileage 2006

First year playing with the Garmin 201, I went through and separated the skate runs from all other GPS tinkering.  Total distance skated came out to 2274 miles for the year.

Shorter skates through the city every day and racing, etc., aren't factored in, but this is just a gauge I'm hoping to keep up and try to make more accurate each year.














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PostPosted: Sat Mar 01, 2008 2:00 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I got a garmin nuvi 200 for my birthday in Feb and have used it on a few rides so far.  10 miles 8mph avg on monday, and then 8.5miles 9mph avg today with a couple bros.  We did about 5 miles worth of hybrid slalom before the trail ride today too!

now i need to get you a new mile time for me

bryan b
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PostPosted: Sat Mar 01, 2008 7:44 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I did not log any of 07'. I wish I had. I have been for the last 6 weeks. I haven't added it up yet. got a few miles in though.
If they give you any crap about fixing your GPS. Try a Magellan eXplorist 210. That's what I use, and I love it.
Because it feels right
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PostPosted: Wed Mar 05, 2008 4:07 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

cool bryan, can't wait to see some new cyber mile times!

and thanks funky, i may look into the magellan.  hoping that garmin will empathize a bit, given not only that the device conked out, but i lost a lot of data too!!  what i really wanted to do is figure out over the course of the year when the overall average pace is the fastest.
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PostPosted: Thu Apr 10, 2008 12:08 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

I'm looking at a GPS device that supports street mapping so that

1. I can plan a route using tiny country back roads, and
2. I can get lost, then find a safe route back to my origin.

Have any of you used something like this?

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PostPosted: Sat Apr 19, 2008 5:28 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Winnersh wrote:

Have any of you used something like this?

That looks awesome - for real adventuring in places you've never been.  

On top of that, the bigger rides you do, the more conscious you get on keeping the weight down....I wish there were a good GPS-mp3-Phone all in one.   The closest thing I had was a "Cyberbank" device from my work in wireless testing, but could never get a good Pocket-PC GPS application installed on it to really test it.  It was a little heavy, but would have done all these things with one solid unit.

I just ended up buying another Garmin 201 off eBay for the upcoming rides, since the battery life is 13--15 hours, you need a couple to get a continuous 24-hour readout!  (or else get the 101 which used to use "old" AAA battery technology.)   I know by now I should really be asking for Garmin sponsorship again, I just can't get organized  Neutral

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PostPosted: Mon Apr 21, 2008 3:41 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

I went shopping and got this baby. A GPS60 with a battery life of 28 hours.

And when I get a spare minute, I shall be looking at a helmet mounted solar cell like this fella:
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PostPosted: Mon Apr 21, 2008 10:58 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

that GPS60 looks great, just priced it online, its in the $130--$170 range.   since i'm paying about $80 per unit on the eBay refurbished 201's, this 60's a potentially better solution.  I'd love to hear how that unit works for you over your rides.

the thing I've really liked about the 101--301 series is that they have good "track" like features, automatically measuring 1-mile increments, setting walk/run/bike paces, lap-track stuff.  but I really like the idea of the long battery life, and not having to think about the device between the start and finish.   another feature I like on the "orienteering" type GPS devices like that GPS60, is they often clock the time when you are no longer moving, and keep track of that independently.  which means instead of pressing a "start / stop" button manually, you can just set the GPS down on your board while you eat-drink-hit the restroom etc., on something like an ultraskate, where you're trying to keep distance measurement accurate.

dig the helmet-light link too!   I'll explain the light solution I used on the ultraskates in another thread soon, pretty simple in comparison.  relied a lot on moonlight, actually.
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PostPosted: Sat Apr 26, 2008 11:57 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

hey winner-- got it!   it's pretty amazing how much data this thing tracks.  i'm still trying to figure out how to best use the waypoints and save meaningful "sessions" of data on the PC afterward.  I've only had it a couple days now.  

one thing about the Garmin Forerunners is they're set up for track and field, so it's really easy to start and stop a session and visualize it later as distinct chunks of data.    with this GPS60, its really more like a traditional GPS set up for orienteering, etc. that continually runs.   still I'm sure there's some easy way to play with the data to save a "session"-- what I'm going to try is saving routes with a start and finish waypoint, and go from there.

anyway thanks for the info.  i was really looking forward to getting a unit that can last a full day!

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PostPosted: Sun Apr 10, 2011 5:32 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Giving this blog a break for 2011.   Right after the Adrenalina Marathon in Nov 2010, I nursed a heel injury for a month  (from doing something dumb), then some illness followed, and I had this newer longer commute to my new workplace, and of course the usual ton of nasty NW weather.   But beyond that I think it was just a general desire to take a break, which made for the longest stretch of time I've been off a board in the last 10 years.  It was Brady Lane's Ultraskate on Feb 12th of this year, and maybe a short dry spell, that gave me the impetus to jump back on board.

Motivation?  Blogging on mileage is something that's been intrinsically fun, especially once you don't have to actually do any calculations.   Either knowing your routes so well  (in my case)  or like egret's ongoing LDP logging of the SoCal trails on his GPS/app thread that tracks all the details.     It's an entertaining / inspiring read since he adds shots all along the way, and I'd say a must if you're in the area looking for trails to hit!

What I found in more recent years was this blog acts more as a memory reminder of the people and the community I interact with on the Burke Gilman trail.   Jumping on and off the bus to work is easy, and with my longer trek into work since last fall, which now includes a 3-mile blast from north to south downtown Seattle, it's more of a physical and mental commitment to skate it rather than bus, and frankly, it just takes more time.  So I have to be more judicious choosing the days to skate in or skate home.   Justification is easy -- I never have to step foot into a gym again, and the commute is still the most exhilirating and satisfying 90 minute chunk of my day, anyday.  I'd also probably never bump heads occasionally with skaters Skip, Eric, Mark, Patrick, Dave, and a far bigger handful of folks I know by brief conversations over the years.
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PostPosted: Mon Apr 11, 2011 9:27 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Here's to happy healing and recovery, physical and mental!  Hip hip!

Are you thinking on attending the Florida marathon this year?

Current setup:  Clutch Jefferson custom LDP, Fyre 171mm trucks (50/10 degree plates), 90mm Reflex Flywheels Lime, Nitro bearings, Array washers.
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